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All of the Christmas spirit, none of the alcohol in these alcohol-free Christmas Hampers

If wines and spirits are unsuitable or inappropriate, take a look at our alcohol-free range of Christmas Hampers. You’ll find no alcohol anywhere in this range, but plenty of everything else, including chocolates, cookies, cakes, shortbread, cheeses and crackers and more. A lovely selection of Christmas gifts for all ages.

'The first of our alcohol free Christmas Hampers contains two chocolate brownies, 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and four large muffins along with a drum'

'This Non Alcoholic Christmas Hamper features a bottle of fruity alcohol free Chardonnay and a selection of gourmet treats including oat, fig and honey'

'This alcohol free Christmas Hamper is a cornucopia of sweet and savoury treats. Its treasures include cocoa dusted truffles, clotted cream fudge, peca'

'Know someone with a sweet tooth? Then this is the gift for you. Our Sweet Sensation hamper is packed with all kinds of delicious treats including four'
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