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Here we have a small selection of gifts that focus on comfort and companionship. A full basket of muffins, cookies and brownies made for sharing, a simple basket of fruit and baked figs to sustain body and soul while the heart mends, and a thoughtful basket of fruit, cheese and biscuits, perfect for preparing a light snack when friends drop in.
Our selections here are most appropriate for Sympathy Gifts & Bereavement Gifts.

'1 x 150 g. Baked Garlic Bread | 1 x Red OR White French House wine | 1 x 175 g. Baked Nuts and Berries | 1 x 110 g. Mixed Seed Biscuits for Cheese | 1'

'1 x Tray of 12 pieces Hand crafted English Chocolates | 1 x Exotic savoury drum with mixed nuts and sultanas (400g) | 1 x 200g Luxury Shortbread | 1 x'

'A selection of premier quality tropical and seasonal fruit presented in superb wicker tray. Supplied with 225g of Dales Crumbly- a mild and mellow fla'

'Classy gift with quality products - ideal gift for SYMPATHY, GET WELL SOON, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY occasions. Express SAME DAY delivery in London and FREE '

'1 x 70cl Mont d´Oc – French White Wine | 1 x 70cl Mont d´Oc - French Red Wine | 1 x 400g drum of luxury savoury snack | 1 x 120g Chilli Tongue Bis'

'1 x 250 g. Juicy Baked Figs presented in natural fig leaf | 2 x 75 cl. French Red and White OR two Reds OR two Whites | 2 x 110 g. Mixed Seed and Orig'
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